Social Media

We boost social media profiles, increasing engagement with your audience and expanding your social outreach.

We engage audiences

Connect with your audiences and promote organic growth and interaction on your social media platforms.

5 out of 5 - based on certified Google reviews

The benefits


Brand Visibility

Visibility promotes trust. By strategically positioning your content across social platforms, we increase your brand's exposure. This heightened visibility helps attract new followers and keeps your brand top-of-mind.


Engagement Strategy

We craft and implement engagement strategies that resonate with your target audience. Our approach ensures that interactions are meaningful and conducive to building stronger customer relationships.


Content Delivery

Regular and relevant content is key to maintaining an active social media presence. We plan and execute content calendars that keep your audience engaged and informed, reinforcing your brand’s message.

The process


We start by crafting a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with your overall marketing goals. This includes identifying the right platforms and types of content that will resonate best with your audience.


Our team produces high-quality, engaging content designed to capture the interest of your followers. Each piece is crafted to reflect your brand’s voice and appeal to your target demographic.


We actively manage your social media accounts, engaging with comments, messages, and mentions to foster a vibrant community around your brand.


We continuously monitor the performance of your social media activities, using insights to refine strategies and improve engagement rates.

Social results that deliver

Results-driven social strategies that elevate your brand and promote trust.

Increase Visibility

Elevate your brand’s profile by boosting its visibility on key social platforms, ensuring that more potential customers discover and engage with your content.

Increase Following

Grow your audience by attracting new followers with compelling content and targeted campaigns, building a larger community around your brand.

Promote Trust

Foster credibility and trust through consistent, authentic interactions and high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

Enhanced Engagement

Drive deeper engagement by delivering content that sparks conversations and encourages followers to interact with your brand.

Case studies

Abbey Garage Doors

Web Design, SEO

Tile Paint

Web Design, SEO

Social Media Management

Manage your brand’s presence across all major social platforms, implementing strategies that maintain consistency and effectively communicate your message.

Platforms Covered

From Facebook and Instagram to X and LinkedIn, we specialise in navigating the nuances of each platform to maximise your visibility and engagement.

Content Creation

Our team crafts compelling, relevant content while also curating high-quality external resources to keep your feeds lively and informative.

Strategic Advertising

Utilise targeted social media advertising to reach a broader or more specific audience, optimising your ad spend with carefully crafted campaigns that yield high returns.

Comprehensive social strategy

Tailor-made approach to your social media presesnce, ensuring every aspect is optimised for maximum impact.

Consistently building long-term relationships with our customers

5 out of 5 - based on our certified Google reviews

"Bubblefish have turned our online enquiries around, we are really impressed and would definitely recommend."
Duxbury Builders
"Since ranking on the first page for national search terms, we've seen a huge increase in sales month on month."
Managing Director
"Thanks to Bubblefish, our PPC campaigns have been exceptionally successful, boosting our leads significantly."
Adlington Electrical

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